FAQ about the Closing

SAILS has  changed all hold pickup dates to April 15 across all public libraries in the SAILS network. With a large majority of our public libraries now closed, with the expectation that more will follow, this move allows us to deliver a clear and consistent message to patrons about the status of their checkouts. 

The extended due date has been applied to any material that had a due date of March 12 or later. Although some libraries are still open, this extended due date lets those patrons know that they do not need to rush to the library if they are nervous about going out in this environment.   This decision was reviewed and approved by the SAILS Board before it was finalized.
These new dates have been applied to all public library transactions on March 16. SAILS will continue running the update every night so that they can be applied to ongoing transactions occurring at libraries that are still open.

Do not worry about returning your books. When the library re-opens, we will check in all books as if they were returned on March 14.