Edible Landscaping with Liz Barbour

Edible landscaping is the newest gardening trend that answers the old question of how to utilize your limited garden space so it can be productive and beautiful at the same time.  Chef and gardener Liz Barbour has been including edible plants throughout her small cottage garden from the very beginning of its design.  Join her for a slideshow tour through her edible gardens and learn how she has introduced vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, edible shrubs, and herbs to blend beautifully and deliciously throughout. Registration Required (we have to get her a guest count a week in advance.)

Liz is an avid home gardener and often uses her own fresh herbs and edible flowers in her cooking demonstrations and features photographs of her cottage-style garden in many of her programs. Her gardens have been featured in New Hampshire Magazine, New Hampshire Home, New Hampshire Chronicle and Colorado Home. With the popularity of her cooking classes, Liz was inspired to write her first cookbook  Beautifully Delicious: Cooking with Herbs & Edible Flowers (Liz Barbour's, Creative Feast 2017).