What is the procedure if I claim I have returned something?

If an item is still on your account, but you feel you have returned it, please contact the circulation desk immediately by calling or stopping by. We will make a note on your account, renew the item so that fines do not accrue, and will then search the building for the item. If we find it, we will call you and remove the fine. If we don't find it, we will look again the next day and notify you. We may end up renewing the item a few times to give everyone extra time to look rather than accepting payment for a lost item. If it is checked out on your account, you are responsible for it and you will be charged the cost of the item. We do not accept replacement copies of our lost books. If the item belongs to another library in the system, you may check with them about their policy. DO NOT CONTACT US VIA E-MAIL FOR THIS!